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Black In Neuro: Neuroracism Panel Discussion


Black In Neuro will lead a panel discussion as the first installment of a 2-part event on neuroracism.

The NeuroRacism panel will center discussions on how we in academia collect, use and interpret data about Black people. Panelists will highlight ongoing biases and anti-Black racism that is currently embedded in the practices of neuro-related research. We will explore what it means to think about data critically, from a social justice oriented lens, and to question the current status quo.

Participants are encouraged to revisit Black in Neuro’s NeuroRacism panel from this summer to gain further context and perspectives.

Moderator: De-Shaine Murray

- Kafui Dzirasa, PhD

- Abeba Birhane, PhD Candidate

- Shalini Kantayya